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Song ‘Crazy over you blues’

Lang geleden een bluesje in Limburg…toen mijn mobieltje alleen audio kon opnemen en geen video…

Het is geen spirituele song, gewoon een liedje, er moest weer eens iets uit. Ik transformeer energie van anderen ook op die manier, dat kun je dan wel weer spiritueel noemen.

Crazy over you Blues (feliciadewilt@2005)



Crazy over you blues

well you got me going crazy,
got nowhere to go
please come over here darling
I need to show
can’t get over you
I’m going crazy over you
please help me get there
cause I have got enough to lose oh, over you
come on get me
get ready to keep on going away
come on get your stuff together
now pull your act together if you wanna come my way
I don’t need anybody to help me find myself
all I want is you baby
why don’t come here and show me what you wanna do, mmm.
Why don’t you get over here
let me tell you where we are going to
don’t need nobody to help me find myself
cause I know pretty darn well where I am going
and if I don’t I don’t give a damn and you can’t decide what’s right for me
cause I’m my own woman
I make my own choices
Now whether they’re right or wrong,
or Right or Wrong for me
I don’t give a damn
I don’t
cause I wanna make my own mistakes in life
to keep on growing and moving on
and I don’t care if you do or don’t agree
come on baby with me
come on over here
please don’t try to understand
I don’t need nobody’s hand
I just want to get down from this time so rough
I can’t get myself to get over you
oeh, I wanna spend some time right here
but I can’t keep on going like this for long
oh no, not for long

cause I got the blues
got the weary lonesome blues
oh, and I don’t need you tell me
baby, what you gonna do for you
and I don’t need anybody right here
cause I got the blues today, yeah.

-Felicia 2005
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