song ‘Light your soul up’

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Original Song by Felicia may2021.


All the way down that road I’ve been following

keep on going down that road

don’t get me down or I’ll try to run

so come on and take a stand

once and for all

I’ve gotta say what I mean

I gotta be who I am

I gotta speak my mind

‘cause that’s the only way to go right now

Come on baby tell me,

why don’t you keep following, or why Do you, it’s all the same

We all have our roads to take

our lessons to learn

some have it more difficult, but you can’t compare

So come on take my hand

don’t judge anything you see

‘cause everything will be fine if you just hold on tight

Hold on to your dreams

hold on to your heart

hold on to your higher Self, they will guide you out

So come on don’t be discouraged

if you get some backlash or being cancelled

don’t you ever let them pull you down

don’t you try to understand what other people are all about

unless they ask you

just let them do their own thing

Come into your heart now

there’s only the Now now

no past , no future at all

so don’t you worry about them

so take your hand

and put them together

before your heart

that’s where it’s at

and it ain’t praying to a higher power

it’s praying to the One you already are

it’s just following your heart and no judgment anymore

so keep on flowing

keep growing

you’ll be fine

if you stay there

look at others like looking in the mirror

you will find yourself

all the parts you can’t accept yet

try to embrace them in yourself

‘cause that’s the work we gotta do if we evolve

that’s the way we gotta do, yeah

and it ain’t that hard

if you just start doing it a step at a time everyday, so light it up

light your heart up

light your soul up and just move it, mm, yeah

come on light your soul up, get in your heart and just go now!

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