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Song “Trying to slay a Dragon”

Dit is weer een song van mijn hand, geschreven op 27 Oktober 2021. Ik kwam hem tegen in mijn backup met video’s. Hier hoor je duidelijk dat de akkoorden en melodie niet helemaal matchen af en toe. Maar in mijn hoofd hoor ik een complete jazzband. Deze ga ik nog wel uitwerken en dan echt goed brengen. Voor nu is dit wat het is. En vanwege de teksten en feeling wil ik deze nu toch al delen met jullie. Wie weet heb je er iets aan op jou ascentiepad?

Tekst: “Trying to slay a Dragon” – Felicia

Turn around, look where you are
the same thoughts, same emotions
it’s not true
yet I feel
I’m clinging on
like trying to slay a dragon
like a fight in my mind

what do I care
it’s always been like this
it just hurts a little more every time
until I snap up out
until can’t fight no more
can’t fight no more
all my will is gone
I don’t know what is my will anymore
I keep losing myself in the game
so what am I to do
where am I to go
makes no sense anymore

oh, it’s ascension
breaking through
it’s ascension knocking on your door
I keep blaming others
it’s firing back at me
I can see it
I’m aware
yet I don’t know how to change my attachment
what is my true
what are the truths in life anyhow?

I’m lost
lost for words
lost for my sanity
it’s some things taking over
something making me see
somehow this is love
like a parent
showing you what you chose,
now sit with that choice
sit with that belief
for it is you
who creates your world
you and your emotions
that’s what makes up this world
can’t you see
so if you don’t love it
if you’re crying or feeling angry, frustrated
it’s all up to you
nothing outside
don’t believe me, huh?
well close your eyes
it’s all images in your head
so, is it real?
or is the only thing that’s real
just your feeling
I aks you what is that feeling?
where does it come from
what moment did it start
and now be curious
why did it come to me?
how does this serve or help me?
does it still fulfill my needs
does it still my fulfill my every moment with happiness
and love,love, love, love, or not

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