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Song ‘What is love?’

original song by Felicia


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Where am I?
Who am I at all?
the more I meditate,
it seems as though
I am not the one I thought I was, at all

Let’s be quiet
let us feel deeper now
in this space
no time
Just breathe
breathe more, Be
no thoughts distracting me from my heart… beating
What is that force in me?
that loves beyond everything I’ve known
what is love?
I can’t comprehend
just Be the Love you are
Feel the love you are,
that’s all,
that’s all

No guilt, no shame
for me and you
nothing get’s in the way of this force
it cannot leave
it cannot evaporate
that’s what we’re afraid of
when we’re Thinking about love
Love just is
like a tube, energy can flow through it,
but it won’t change that tube
and the power it holds
is being open
receiving and giving
that can be scary
just being you
I love you

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